Registered Golden Retriever Puppies Bred with Love


Hello! We are the Troyer family! Our farm is nestled in the valley of Dundee, Ohio. We have 130 acres of farmland with dairy cows, our fun horse Friday, and best of all Golden Retriever Dogs! 

From left to right: Kyle, Justin, Benson, Alisha, Hattie, Waylon, Carol (mom), David (dad), Lance, Patience, Quentin, Zachary

From left to right: Kyle, Justin, Benson, Alisha, Hattie, Waylon, Carol (mom), David (dad), Lance, Patience, Quentin, Zachary

We are a family of 12. There are 7 boys and 1 girl in our family. Two of the brothers are married and that makes up the 12! We stay busy milking organic dairy cows, taking care of the animals, farming the land, and also working in our wood shop. We also love Golden Retriever puppies! We have been raising puppies for 6 years now. We have a male dog named Duke and our female dogs are Tundra, Tysha, and Tacoma. They love to roam around our farm and explore and spend time with the boys working on the farm. We are so excited about helping you find the perfect puppy to fit your family. We love our pups and want to find the best match for each one!

Meet the Parents



Duke has been a part of our family for 4 years! He is a very handsome and playful dog with a beautiful coat of fur. He loves to play catch and hang out with the boys on the farm. He is also an  OFA Certified Champion Bloodline. 


Tundra was a part of the family since we began raising Golden Retrievers. Sadly she has passed on and is no longer with us. She was a easy going and happy dog. She was also the mother of Tysha and Tacoma, who were just so charming when they were born that we couldn't let them go. 


Tysha has the darkest coat of fur of all the dogs. She loves playing with the other dogs and even teasing them a little. She is very, very active. So active, that getting a picture of her that is not blurry, is close to impossible. We love her so much and her playful nature makes so there is never a dull moment


Tacoma is an adventurous dog. She loves to explore and sniff things everywhere she goes. When she isn't busy exploring, she loves to play catch. I actually captured this picture of her while she was anticipating a good game of catch. She is a very happy, fun loving dog and a great companion. We wouldn't want to live life without her!

Welcome to the family Bella! We just got sweet Bella and are so excited to have her in our family of dogs! She is a young, fun, playful Golden Retriever and we couldn’t imagine life on the farm without her!

Quentin and Duke

Quentin and Duke


Where we're located.

10021 Walnutcreek Bottom Rd. NW

Dundee, Ohio


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Here are a few videos the we captured of the adorable puppies we have had in the past. Keep watching our website for updates on puppies coming in the future!





One of the our golden doodles from our past litters, Cory, having fun and playing with a ball!











Our beautiful dog Tysha had a litter of puppies last year!




 One of our golden doodles, Conor, happy and ready to play! Conor has since gone to a happy home!







Our golden doodle, Carter, loves to play and jump around. Carter has also since gone to a new family and is doing well!